The Cove

A sheltered area between woods and hills. This is one of the definitions of a cove and as the student ministry of The Sanctuary we knew that was exactly what we wanted to provide the students of the Tri-Cities. A place of safety and shelter right here in the Appalachian mountains where students can discover a relationship with God, grow in that relationship, and then share the good news of Jesus Christ with others by living an authentic Christian life.

The Cove meets regularly for hangouts and events. Whether it's hiking up on Roan Mountain, trying out a new food spot, or even one of our legendary game nights, we love to have fun. We also meet bi-monthly for Devo Night, a Thursday evening where our students gather at the Townsley's for a small group bible study. Light refreshments, acoustic worship, and a relevant bible study, accompanied by lots of laughs make Devo Night an awesome time. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@TheCoveTN) to stay up to date with all of our current events and next scheduled Devo Night.

- Student Pastor Barak Townsley