LifeSource is the Sanctuary's healing and recovery ministry, established to help those fighting "the good fight" against addiction.  We strongly believe in taking the stigma away from addiction, and understand it amounts to more than just a few bad choices. By incorporating approaches and material from "Celebrate Recovery," "Christian Intervention" and "Prime for Life," we have developed a program that uses the latest addiction science data alongside the almighty Word of God. Through the science we see just how strong the bonds are, but through His Word we receive the ultimate answer to conquering addiction once and for all: the power of the Holy Spirit!

LifeSource is open to anyone struggling with an addiction or in recovery, including the family members or friends of those addicted. Please remember that addiction wears many masks, and is larger than drugs and/or alcohol. We also counsel those with sexual addictions, smoking habits, or internet/social media dependency. All we ask is that those in attendance abide my our strict confidentiality policy.